This month in the history of the Little Creek Vol. Fire Co.
Saturday, April 11, 2020

April 1949, the generator was repaired on the American LaFrance and a new Bingo Committee was appointed.

April 1950, the siren was moved to a pole at the end of the lot.

April 1951, a will was left by Sade Foster to the Little Creek Volunteer Fire Company; a committee was formed and purchased the contents of the house, a plaque was bought and displayed in the fire house in honor of Mrs. Sade Foster.

April 1959, the truck committee met and purchased a 1500 gallon tank truck, to be known as Truck 5 and at this meeting, the company took out insurance on the Ladies Auxiliary Members from the Mutual Relief Fund.

April 1961, the first reading of the bylaw changes were read. The reading was the following, “any respectable male citizen 16 years of age or older in the Little Creek Fire Company district shall be eligible to become a member of the company upon completion of the application and $5 dues payment. He shall meet all requirements of the company and be on probation for one year.” Also added, was that any Chief and his Assistants shall only reside in town-limits.

April 1963, the siren was set up to a timer to sound the siren one time at noon daily.


April 1963, through several special meetings, the new building proposal was made. The building proposal was to add a 30’ x 60’ section with four engine doors and leaving the old wooden section as is. The Ladies Auxiliary requested that the kitchen and dining area be one level, with improved kitchen facilities.

April 1969, the Little Creek Fire Company was to be in control of the Fire Marshal Office for controlled burnings.

April 1973, the new truck Great Eastern with a 1000 Gallon pump on a Ford chassis.was placed into service.

April 1974, there was talk of a medical course would be offered in the fall by the Fire School.

April 1975, it was decided that Truck 1 and the weed wagon were to be used on water rescues. Also, a new truck committee was appointed to get a price on a new truck.

April 1978, the company received free equipment from the State Forestry Department.

April 1982, the Ambulance District was split and from Pickering Beach Road South became Magnolia Fire Company’s Ambulance District. To the North of Pickering Beach Road was Leipsic’s Ambulance District.


April 1984, running lights were installed on the Rescue Boat and the company received a portable light for the boat, as well. The Company also had repair work done to Truck 2 & 5. 

April 1986, the Pickering Beach Civic Association installed a Fire Department connection to the potable water system. During the open house, people won smoke detectors and the remaining 70 smoke detectors were distributed to homes in town and to the elderly.

In April 1989, there were still disputes over alarms on Horsepond Road and the Company was working to find a resolution. In June, the Rescue Boat Committee was tasked with developing minimal requirements for the new Rescue Boat, including size, horsepower, and firefighting capabilities.

April 1995, the siren was mounted on top of a pole on the South end of town.

April 1997, the Truck Committee made a motion to buy the KME.

April 2001, the old rescue truck 54-1 was sold and borrowrf Leipsic's Engine 53-6 until new rescue arrived.

April 2005, the hazmat tow vehicle was in. Now known as 54-1/Hazmat 54.

April 2006, Station 54 was the first volunteer fire company on scene when they responded to the C-5 Plane Crash that happened just short of the runway.

April 2007, Station 2 was finished and all files were moved over from the main building to the adminstrative offices.

April 2012, a special committee met with Leipsic to ensure that the size of the new boat could launch out of Port Mahon.

April 2013, the Company took delivery of the new Marine 1 and the old
Marine 1 became Marine 3. Shortly after receiving the new boat, the
company purchased a new utility to tow the new boat. This truck would
become 54-9.

April 2014, the company made a motion to buy the ladder truck.

April 2017, the conex boxes were moved to the site on the North West corner of the parking lot to make a traning area.







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