COVID-19 Operational Update
Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Crews are still in station for single engine calls.  Stats since the start of the month (last update)  There have been 41 calls handled, 50% of them have been in district, The crew has responded to 19% of those calls to assist other fire companies (Dover, Camden,) etc. with a fully staffed engine to bolster their initial or single engine in district responses. Some have been working alarms, some automatic fire alarms and vehicle fires.  30% of the calls have been calls that have been dispatched calls by normal alerting from Kent Center

The average attendance for alarms is 27 members. General alarms siren blowing

The duty crew, maybe the new norm, at least into the month of June.  So far, only 1/4 of the active members have volunteered for the duty crew.  If you can, volunteer to staff the station, give the others a break.  For now Steve/16 is the point of contact for signing up.  We are working on a way to do this via the internet or through the this webpage.

Fortunately, there have been no one that has signed up for duty crews presenting with signs of covid-19 or quarantines.

We are still monitoring members with temp checks and covid-19 questions and hand washing. The crews have been busy preventing the spread of the pandemic, by cleaning common areas, and social distancing while manning the station.

The next company meeting will be a mixture of members (quorm) at the meeting and members virtually attending.  More information will be posted about how to connect virtually if you want too.

Again, we are still, ready to respond for your emergency.  


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