Water Rescue/Search Murderkill River
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

At approximately 3pm,  Little Creek was alerted along with stations 57/South Bowers and 40/Bowers for a report of two swimmers that got caught in the strong current and disappeared. All three marine units from Little Creek, 54 Marine 1 responded from it's birth on the Little River and 54 Marine 2 and 3 responded to the Bowers State dock to launch.   Other agencies where also alerted from New Castle and Sussex Counties as well as DNRC and DSP.  Crews searched and drug the area where the two missing swimmers where seen.  Some vessels also used side scan sonar to search as well as numerous dive teams.  At arounf 9 pm Command 57 ceased searh operations for the evening.  Crews searched for approximately six hours before returning to quarters.  Crews will go back out in daylight again  an attempt to recover the swimmers.  

Press release from DSP

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